Bunker Hill Village Texas Information

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Bunker Hill is an upscale residential community located in West Houston. The city is part of the Memorial Villages. Since Bunker Hill's incorporation in 1954, the population has steadily grown from 2,000 residents to 4,000 as of 2017.

Local publications in the city include the Houston Chronicle and the Memorial Examiner.

The city's leadership works hard to ensure that the school, police, and fire departments are some of the finest in the state of Texas. The Memorial Villages Police Department is highly involved in the community and provide several services including House Watch. The Village Fire Department services Bunker Hill as well as five other neighboring communities. Their school district, The Spring Branch Independent School District is one of the most highly rated districts in Texas, which many of the schools having received National Exemplary School recognition.

The Mayor, City Council and Staff of Bunker Hill Village are committed to governing with honor and budgetary responsibility. They are dedicated to creating a sense of community, ensuring the safety of citizens and preserving the unique character and quality of life so that it can be passed on as a more beautiful city to future generations.